Azolla caroliniana

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Adversity Azolla caroliniana : Apply a precautionary fungicide Bordeaux mixture treatment at the end of winter, when the buds are not grown yet; during the year we can apply pesticide treatments, but only in case there is an effective presence of parasites on the plant.

Irrigation Azolla caroliniana

continental : We suggest occasional waterings, specially during the cold season, during which we can also suspend watering. On the contrary, when there are high temperatures, water only when the soil is very dry, trying to dampen it deeply.

alpine : The Azolla caroliniana does not need big amounts of water; if it is grown outside the water from the rains is enough, even though it can be necessary to water occasionally during spring and summer, watering the soil deeply. In winter we can suspend watering.

mediterranean : From March to October waterings will be rather regular, but only when the soil has been completely dry for few days; during the rest of the year we can water only occasionally or avoid to give water.

Temperatures Azolla caroliniana

continental : The Azolla caroliniana needs to be exposed to direct sunlight for many hours a day to have a luxuriant growth
These plants are grown outside during spring and summer without any problem; in case of frost place them in a sheltered location, or cover them with frost cloth.

alpine : The Azolla caroliniana prefer very bright locations, where they can receive direct sunlight.
It is advisable to grow these plants outside during spring and summer; since they do not tolerate the frost shelter them since the autumn, in the greenhouse or inside.

mediterranean : They bear few hours of half-darkness, but need at least few hours a day of direct sunlight.
We remind that these plants do not tolerate frost; therefore in case of frosts cover the aerial part with frost cloth.

Feed Azolla caroliniana : Water plants are fertilized during spring and summer, using a soluble fertilizer to be dissolved in the water of the water garden; it is advisable to use specific fertilizers for water plants.

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