Betula humilis - Betula minor

Photos Betula humilis - Betula minor

Pests Betula humilis : Avoid pesticide treatments if we do not see parasites on the plant; on the contrary at the end of the year we can apply a Bordeaux mixture treatment, to prevent the growth of fungus.

Water Betula humilis

continental : These plants shall be watered frequently to keep a constantly humid substrate. However avoid the water stagnation and decrease waterings in case of low temperatures.

alpine : Water the Betula humilis very regularly, to maintain the soil always humid, but not soaked. During the coldest months water only if the soil dries out completely.

mediterranean : Waterings will be very regular, giving a good amount of water, to allow the soil to be constantly humid, avoiding to drench it completely. Decrease waterings in the cost season.

Light Betula humilis

continental : It is advisable to grow this plant in a very sunny place.
This is a very rustic garden plant, that should not have problems even in case of very intense frosts.

alpine : It is advisable to grow this plant to direct sunlight all year long.
The Betula humilis is very rustic and can be grown in the garden all year long; it does not suffer from even intense frosts.

mediterranean : It is advisable to grow these plants in a very sunny location.
The Betula humilis does not suffer from cold and frost; this is a plant that can be grown in the garden all year long.

Fertilize Betula humilis : It is advisable to give fertilizing to young trees just replanted; at the end of winter bury some stable manure at the base of the plant, or use a different slow-release fertilizing.

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