Salix lindleyana - White willow

Photos Salix lindleyana - White willow

Adversity Salix lindleyana : Apply a precautionary fungicide Bordeaux mixture treatment at the end of winter, when the buds are not grown yet; during the year we can apply pesticide treatments, but only in case there is an effective presence of parasites on the plant.

Irrigation Salix lindleyana

continental : These plants need rather frequent waterings in spring and summer, always allow the soil to dry out between two waterings. We can suspend waterings during cold months.

alpine : It is advisable to give regular waterings, specially during spring and summer; before giving again water make sure the soil is dry.

mediterranean : Waterings shall be given by watering the soil deeply, but only when it is very dry, avoiding to leave plant roots in stagnating water. During the cold season we can suspend waterings.

Temperatures Salix lindleyana

continental : The Salix lindleyana needs to be exposed to direct sunlight for many hours a day to have a luxuriant growth
The Salix lindleyana tolerates also long intense frosts without any problem.

alpine : The Salix lindleyana prefer very bright locations, where they can receive direct sunlight.
These plants do not suffer from cold. They can tolerate also very intense frosts without any problem.

mediterranean : They bear few hours of half-darkness, but need at least few hours a day of direct sunlight.
It is advisable to grow this plant in the garden, since it does not suffer from cold.

Feed Salix lindleyana : For the correct growth of young trees we suggest to fertilize them at the end of winter or at the beginning of spring, when they start growing leaves. Use organic or slow-release fertilizer.

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